Coronilla Guadalupena

La Coronilla Guadalupeña


(The Little Crown of Our Lady of Guadalupe)

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This little chaplet (meaning the Little Crown of Our Lady of Guadalupe) is based on the Rosario Guadalupano which was established by the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico.  The Rosario incorporates seven mysteries, based on the events of the visitation of Our Lady, in a configuration similar to the Franciscan Crown.

Coronilla Guadalupena

I have created this Coronilla Guadalupeña as a smaller version of the Rosario, using three Hail Marys instead of ten.  This configuration is similar to the Peace Chaplet, one of my favorite devotions!

This chaplet comprises seven groups of 4 beads each: A meditation bead, on which one Our Father is said; and three smaller beads on which the Hail Mary is said. 

This chaplet was inspired by a recent visit to San Xavier del Bac Mission , known as the "white dove of the desert" for its striking appearance against the vibrant Arizona terrain.  Every inch of interior space is covered with baroque painting or statuary ... breathtaking!!! 

These 9mm floral glass beads remind me of the vividly-colored flourishes that decorate the interior.  The meditation beads are 12mm facetted blue goldstone, and sparkle like the stars in the night sky.  The 1.5" medal is cast in sterling from a Mexican antique, and depicts the Immaculate Heart of Mary, superimposed with a smaller Sacred Heart of Jesus.  As such, this coronilla is particularly well suited for a Pro-life devotion, as Our Lady of Guadalupe is the  Patroness of the Unborn.

San Xavier del Bac

Method of Prayer:

Beginning on the Medal:
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mystical Rose, make intercession for our Holy Church, protect the sovereign Pontiff, help all those who invoke you in their necessities, and since you are the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the true God, obtain for us from your most Holy Son the grace of keeping our faith, of sweet hope in the midst of the bitterness of life, of burning charity, and the precious gift of final perseverance.

On the large beads, consider the meditation and pray the Our Father .

On the small beads, pray Hail Mary (three for each meditation).

At the conclusion: 
Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary that never was it known that anyone that fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence I fly unto you, O Virgin of Virgins, my mother; to you I come, before you I stand sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise not my petitions but in your mercy hear and answer me. Amen

Meditations (based on events described in the Nican Mopohua , the official account of the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe)

  1. Our Lady appears to Juan Diego for the first time at Tepeyac, and requests a temple in her honor.

  2. Juan Diego tells the Bishop of Our Lady's request, and Our Lady appears to him again, to give him encouragement.

  3. Juan Diego has a second interview with the Bishop, who asks for proof;  Our Lady appears to Juan Diego a third time, and promises him a sign.

  4. Our Lady appears to Juan Diego a fourth time, and tell him to gather roses from the top of Tepeyac hill.  Here she tells him "Am I not here, who is your mother?"

  5. Juan Diego appears before the Bishop, and opens his tilma containing the roses, and reveals the image of Our Lady imprinted on the fabric.

  6. Juan Diego takes the Bishop to the location of the temple, and meets his uncle, now miraculously cured.

  7. After the temple is built, the tilma with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is transported to Tepeyac.  Amid the throngs which accompanied the procession, an Indian is accidentally killed in a festive skirmish, followed by a public miracle:  as the image passed, Juan Diego and the bishop prayed, and the Indian was revived.  The story of the miracle spread quickly, and many requested baptism.



La Coronilla Guadalupeña

A Coroinha Guadalupena




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