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Chaplet of the Holy Souls
in Purgatory

This chaplet has thirteen groups of four beads
(one large and three small), 
one additional 4-bead group on the pendant, 
and a crucifix.  
(May be said on Guardian Angel Chaplet beads)


On the crucifix , pray: Apostles Creed...

First LARGE bead, pray: Our Father...

First small bead, in honor of the Saints, pray: Glory Be...

Second small bead, in honor of Saint Michael, pray: Glory Be...

Third small bead, in honor of the Holy Guardian Angels, pray: Glory Be...

On the   remaining thirteen groups, in honor of the 13 Virtues of Our Lady:

Beginning with the next LARGE bead,

On the LARGE beads pray:  Hail Mary...

On the center , pray: 
Mother of Divine Mercy, intercede for the Holy Souls detained in Purgatory, through the Power of Thy Immaculate Heart, 
to Glorify God for the salvation of all souls.

On the small   beads, pray: 
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual Light shine upon them; may the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, 
rest in peace.  Amen


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